Friday, April 15, 2011

Viola! I've created a blogger site. Now this might not seem to make much sense because I have about a gajillion blogs and a tumblr account and whatnot already, but upon looking through some of my favorite Disney VDA's, I noticed that all of them had blogger accounts. It escapes me why they haven't gone to tumblr but this seems like the right place to connect with them.

Anyhoo, as I don't have any recent art pieces... AH, I DO!

The image isn't much. It's an invitation design I made for a friend who's celebrating her debut this May. Originally it was going to be a whole mask but I decided otherwise. I just chose to make the A more apparent. Also I was planning to do the whole thing in Illustrator or Inkscape but I realized it'd take me forever to learn everything and get it done in time. So, with some cheating, I created everything on Photoshop.

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